Ordering and production process

Dear prospective customers,

Before emailing us please take the time to read through some commonly asked questions and answers. 

How do I order?

If you are all set to order please visit MakersMarkBranding.com and select the item you would like to purchase. Next, select the quantity and correct dimensions. Our sizing is done in square inches (length x width) to determine the surface area of branding material needed. 

Before ordering, please ensure you have a suitable file of your logo. The file should be 100% black and white and also of high resolution (700ppi). We prefer vector files such as: .ai or .eps. While we can work with PDF's, if your file is not of high resolution, please expect some delays. If unable to provide a high resolution file, an on-staff graphic designer can re-create (or create)  a desired logo for a starting price of $30.00.  

Upon purchasing, you will receive an email with directions on how to upload and send your file. 

If you have a custom order request, would like a custom design, or any other specific questions that are not answered here, then feel free to send an email.

How do I correctly order the dimensions of my logo?

Our dimensions here at Makers Mark Branding are in square inches. This does not mean that your logo needs to be square. Simply multiply your measurements for the desired length and width to determine the area in square inches (length x width= area in sq. inches). 

How long will it take to make my order?

Most orders can be ready and shipped within 1-2 weeks. However, if needing custom artwork or a custom order it can take a bit longer. Also, keep in mind that orders may take longer during the holiday season. Please also allow time for shipping.

What can I brand?  

Here at Makers Mark Branding, our branding tools are primarily designed to be used on wood and leather. One can also brand on cork and some paper products such as cardboard but will need to use low heat.  Food products such as bread and meat can also be branded. These brands are not to be used on living animals for any reason. Please seek out another source for livestock brands. 

What’s the difference between flame heated and electric irons?

Both flame heated and electric irons have the same high quality copper brand however, flame heated brands will need to be heated using an external source such as a torch, while an electric iron can simply be plugged in. While they yield the same results, a flame heated brand may take more practice and will need to be re-heated after a few minutes. If making your mark on numerous pieces, re-heating a flamed heated branding iron can become tedious. Therefore, if wanting to brand several pieces at once, we would recommend purchasing an electric branding iron. Electric branding irons are easy to use and consistent but do cost more. If you do not mind some variations in the brand produced and will only brand a few items at a time, then purchasing a flame heated iron is for you! 

How do I heat my branding iron?

A flame heated branding iron can be heated with a propane torch (MAP gas, in the yellow can works best), propane burner, gas stove, or BBQ grill. An electric branding iron should be plugged into a 110vac standard outlet and allowed time depending on its size (approximately 15-30 minutes) to reach an optimal branding temperature. Directions are included with each branding iron.

What is the difference between a standard and a heavy duty branding iron? 

Standard branding irons are made for moderate use depending on the dimensions of your brand. If you are going to be branding your work regularly then a heavy duty (HD) branding iron is recommended. HD brands are less likely to warp because they are backed with a thick copper plate that is welded. 

Will there be an art charge?

Makers Mark Branding is able to create custom logos to suit your needs but there is fee (starting at $30.00) depending on ones wants and desires of the logo.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.Makers Mark Branding will ship worldwide, but international shipping rates do apply.